What Is A LEAD Educator?

A LEAD Educator is anyone who wants to help children find their voices and see themselves as capable of creating change. They are committed to utilizing the Project LEAD curriculum to empower our children with language, education, arts, and debate skills at a younger age than ever before.

A LEAD Educator can be…

...the Youth Group Leader who wants to teach kids communication skills.
...the Entrepreneur who wants to start a summer camp for kids to learn leaderships skills.
...the Public-School Teacher who wants to incorporate public speaking into the day.
...the Rec Club Volunteer that wants kids to learn about investigative journalism.
...the After-School Instructor who wants to teach workshops during the week.
...the Girl Scouts Troop Leader that wants to teach troops how to Go Green.
...the Private School Teacher who wants to teach a unit on filmmaking.
...the Homeschool Parent who wants to teach a group of homeschoolers about cultures.
...the Librarian who wants to host a weekly workshop about grassroot efforts.
...the Extracurricular Teacher who wants to develop their students’ stage presence
...the person who wants to make a difference in the world by helping children see and reach their potential as future leaders and changemakers.

As a LEAD Educator, anyone can engage children in life changing leadership skill development. With the ease of access to our digital curriculum, LEAD Educators are provided the flexibility to teach their classes and workshops in virtually any setting. If working in a setting where access to technology is limited for example, the LEAD Educator can print out their materials for their students ahead of time. From the introduction of Project LEAD curriculum to the final moments of instruction, LEAD Educators have the joy of teaching children how to actively listen, analyze what they are hearing, identify the facts in a story, form their own point of views, effectively communicate their perspectives to others, and so much more. LEAD Educators have the opportunity to teach children that they can share both similar and opposing views with others while remaining well-spoken, diplomatic, and empathetic toward one another. LEAD Educators are equipped to teach children how to delve into the issues and current events at hand, find what they are passionate about, and develop the self-confidence to view themselves as future leaders with something important to say. As a LEAD Educator, you will have an essential role in helping children see themselves as having the potential to create change and the ability to become anything they want including advocates, public speakers, community leaders, organizers, politicians, innovators, and visionaries.