Nurturing The Leaders Of Tomorrow, Today!

Our Mission

Project LEAD is dedicated to providing children across the country with the tools and resources to find their voices and see themselves as capable of creating change, thereby preparing them to become tomorrow’s leaders. It is Project LEAD’s commitment to empower the changemakers of tomorrow by nurturing the children of today.

Our Philosophy

Project LEAD fosters the development of communication, leadership, and empathy skills through language, education, arts, and debate. By providing afterschool, homeschool, extra-curricular, summer camp, and primary school educators across the country with comprehensive curriculum packages and programs, we are ensuring that children of all backgrounds have access to the development of the skill sets necessary to take on any leadership role. By equipping educators with Project LEAD curriculum with topics ranging from creative & performing arts, to debate & language arts, and even to environmentalism & investigative journalism, we are affording them the chance to impart a sense of purpose and self-confidence in our children. In turn, we provide our children with opportunities to grow as leaders beginning in elementary school and continuing through middle school, high school, and beyond.

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Performing Arts Workshops (PAW), with their 30 year history of success in the after-school and summer camp industries, is Project LEAD's sister company and official platform for curriculum research, development, and beta-testing.

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